3/17/01 - 2/29/08

 A beautiful girl and wonderful companion - loved by everyone

She touched so many lives ..........

Courtney earned her Championship quickly, spent thousands of hours as a therapy dog  at  Nursing Homes and then went on to live with Cate and Ed to continue her therapy work. They called her "Pearl", a name that fit her perfectly - a precious jewel signifying unflawed beauty.

Our deepest sympathy to Cate and Ed, who loved her dearly and held her in their arms as she crossed over the rainbow bridge.........

We will miss her too!









9/23/01 Northwestern Connecticut Dog Club

WB / BOW  1 Point

Thank You Beverly Bonadonna-Vic



10/9/01  Samoyed Club Of America

Futurity 3rd Place

Thank You Lori Chapek Carlton



11/11/01  Naugauck Valley Kennel Club

WB / BOW   2 Points

Thank You Peggy F. Esposito



4/20/02 Pioneer Valley Kennel Club

WB / BOS  3 Point Major

Thank You Lester Mapes



5/12/02  Windham County Kennel Club

WB / BOW  1 Point

Thank You Arnold L. Woolf



6/16/02  Middlesex Kennel Club

WB / BOW / BOS  1 Point

Thank You Edeltraud Laurin



6/22/02  Mid Hudson Kennel Association

WB / BOW / BOS  2 Points

Thank You Helen Lee James



6/30/02  Wampanoak Kennel Club

WB / BOS  2 Points

Thank You Lester R. Mapes



01/11/03 Greater Lowell Kennel Club

Thank You Judge Dr. Robert M. Brown

Winners Bitch and Best of Winners - 4 Point Major

New Champion

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